Skillfully stage and successfully market events

Spread the word: Your event is online, now it's time to tell the world about it. With EVENTIM.Light you can set targeted purchase incentives, significantly increase your reach via the EVENTIM network and use your marketing budget profitably.

Market events where your target audience is

EVENTIM.Light offers you effective tools to adapt your marketing precisely to your target group and their needs:

  • Use promotion codes for targeted purchase incentives
  • Market your event on Facebook
  • Boost sales with the EVENTIM reach
  • Digitize your print advertising
  • Generate valuable insights with Google Analytics

Creating strong purchase incentives with promotions

Increase the purchase incentives for potential ticket buyers with promotional campaigns. Reward different groups of buyers and involve advertising partners and multipliers in the marketing of your events.

  • Easily create promotions with or without codes
  • Use one-time or multiple redeemable codes
  • Create group promotions for ticket purchases in a bundle

Create a Facebook event

Market your event where your target group is to further increase your reach. With just a few clicks, you can easily connect your EVENTIM.Light account with Facebook and post your events directly on your Facebook page. Keep your event information consistent across all channels.

Create your own ticket shop right away

Get started right away, create your first event with EVENTIM.Light and easily start selling tickets in your own ticket shop.

Extra boost for your reach with the EVENTIM network

Activate your events for the EVENTIM network and sell them on With several thousand visitors, is a great channel for your reach. On top of that, your events benefit from EVENTIM's online marketing campaigns and strong search engine performance.

Analytics & Remarketing with Google in your ticket shop

With Google Analytics, you can track the success of your marketing measures in your ticket shop and use your marketing budget in an optimized and targeted manner in the most successful marketing channels. This way, you know exactly which marketing measures bring you the most ticket sales. You can also use remarketing lists, for example, to retarget dropouts via your Google Ads campaign and increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Using print advertising successfully in event marketing

Depending on the target group and especially in regional event marketing, print advertising via flyers, posters or advertisements can be an important lever for your marketing. In your EVENTIM.Light account, you can directly download our Standard QR code, print it on your advertising material and link it directly to your online ticket shop. This makes it particularly easy for your customers to buy tickets. And you can track exactly how many tickets were sold via your print advertising in the reporting. Win-win.

Frequently asked questions about event marketing